Monday, October 7, 2013

The verdict is in: I have a good looking uterus

My husband and I saw our RE, today and our appointment went really well. We had met with Dr. C before and he is a fantastic physician who is tremendously committed to his patients. He also has great nurses who are kind and understanding. As I noted in my last post, I was a wreck before the appointment. Also as noted, I had been taking ovulation predictor kits over this past week and got a positive result today (CD 18) right before we headed out for our appointment. I shared the news of the positive OPK with Dr. C while we were discussing my ovulation patterns and my recent symptoms (hot flashes, tender breasts, abnormal cramping, etc.). He thought the symptoms might indicate an ovarian cyst. Because of my symptoms and the positive OPK, he wanted to do an ultrasound right then and there (thank you for not making me wait!) to see what could be seen. Let me interrupt this tale to share that my husband went to high school with Dr. C, and while they were not best buds, the two did get along quite well. Up until today, this history between the two made for comfortable interactions between Dr. C, my husband, and me. However, I must admit it was a little odd for me to have my husband's former school mate inserting the ultrasound wand into my va-jay-jay while the three of us tried to hold a normal conversation (as normal as anything can be with one party's feet are up in stirrups).
Anyway, I digress. Dr. C was really happy to see that my endometrial lining was nice and thick. He was also pleased with the shape of my uterus. In fact, I learned today that my uterus is "tri-linear". Furthermore, he commented that my uterus was (and I quote) "the best looking uterus he had seen all day." His nurse agreed. It was kind of like being in a Saturday Night Live skit where I'm the guest host but I really have no idea what was going on, but it was a compliment, so I will gladly take it!. Anyway, he also confirmed that I have a "beautiful" follicle on my right ovary that looks like I will ovulate tomorrow.  So, my husband and I are to baby dance tonight and again tomorrow in the hope that can indeed still conceive naturally.
So, hoping our planned fun for the night and tomorrow results in a positive pregnancy test in two weeks. If I don't get pregnant this cycle, I will do FSH and Estradiol testing and then he will start me on Femara from chart days 3 to 7. Dear Husband will also have a sperm analysis done at that point. If my FSH and Estradiol comes back with good results (and DH's sperm analysis comes back ok) then we will try Femara for three cycles. If no success after three cycles, then we will move on to IUI or IVF.  
Of great relief to me, Dr. C also indicated that the ultrasound shows I have sufficient antral follicles in each ovary, indicating that my ovarian reserve is sufficient. Specifically, I had four visible antral follicles in my right ovary and 10 to 12 in my left. So, at this point (unless the FSH and Estradiol comes back odd) it appears that my ovaries are still in good condition and so hopefully egg quality is still good.
Ok, my husband and I are off to have a romantic, yet perfectly (I hope) timed encounter. Please wish us luck. And should we fail to conceive this cycle (I hate the word "fail" but I don't know what else to use), I am going to go buy a piece of fabric and make myself my own sash that says "Best Looking Uterus, crowned October 7, 2013". Hey, it may not be much, but at least I can spice up my Pinterest page.


  1. Good luck! How exciting would it be to get that BFP in two weeks!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a near perfect RE visit. Wishing you well as you wait! And not everyone gets to wear the Best Looking Uterus crown -wear that sash proudly, no matter what the result!

    PS - I so know what you mean about not wanting to use language that feels self-negating, but it's tough, especially when you are right in the moment of when you needs to find words to describe indescribable feelings. I'm hoping there's no need to search for an alternative to fail. I'm getting my thesaurus ready to find synonyms for success. Good luck!

  3. Dear m, thank you so much for your good thoughts and your understanding! 6DPO today and anxious, this may be the longest two week wait I have encountered yet.